Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I actually have a minute to breathe!

So I will take that minute to update my very neglected blog! As most of you know I am home in RI on holiday until February 11. I've been here since just before Christmas, so lots has happened of course, and I have been far too busy to bother with this lame-o blog thing... So here's the quick and dirty...

Holiday travel madness led to hellish times in Heathrow, then we had Taco Bell, celebrated my birthday, then Christmas, then I got married, celebrated New Year's, sent Eric back to Germany for 6 weeks to finish some work, went to see "Wicked" (Looove!), did lots of shopping, visited every family member I have, watched football, moved temporarily into my sister's house in CT where I am now subbing at my old school two days a week, and watching my 4 yr. and 6 mo. old nephews the other three days, then it's back to Saunderstown for the weekends to do laundry, grocery shop, and make a week's worth of meals so Frank and D don't eat Subway five nights in a row. Phew! In the middle of all of that I successfully completely some way behind crafting projects, watched the Pats beat L.T., and got hyped up to watch Payton Manning cry into his jersey later this week. Oh, and did you notice the part where I got married?