Friday, June 29, 2007

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

or What to do in Detroit Part 1

Last weekend we ventured out to the Detroit Zoo, and I'm just getting a chance to upload the photos now... I know, I'm a bad person. Sorry. But, it was a great way to spend a Sunday, so add it to your list of things to do when you come to visit Detroit. (That is on the top of your list of things to do this year, right?) Actually, the Zoo isn't in Detroit. It's in Royal Oak, sort of like landing in Providence when you fly into T.F. Green. Anywho...

While most of this zoo is like any other you've been to, it has some very cool features unlike our beloved Roger Williams. It's ten times bigger for starters! They also have all of the big cats, fuzzy bears, gorillas, a pair of bald eagles, anything you could want. And you get to walk around with the kangaroos! Unfortunately we went on a hot and sunny day, so the kangaroos were in repose under the trees, but the idea that one of them could run over and kick you is still pretty sweet. They have a tunnel of glass that takes you through the seal tank, which is very fun to watch. The seals swim full speed at the tunnel, turning within 2 inches of smashing their noses against the glass, then come back and give it another go. It was entertaining, especially since one of them decided to drop a deuce right in front of us. Yum.

Also, unlike R.W. and most zoos I have been to, you can bring in whatever you want! Wagons! Coolers! Woohoo! There were lots of napping kids being dragged around by their dads, and lots of picnics going on. There may also have been some boozing, but I can't be sure. Next time we'll go prepared. I suggest you do the same, since the food and beverage options are like any other park: boring, overpriced, and not very appetizing. Unless 5 dollar hotdogs and 4 dollar frozen lemonades are your thing... Oh how I miss Del's!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Home again, home again

and man, is it good to go home! Even if our week back in RI was tightly scheduled, rushed, and otherwise insane, it was certainly worth it. Thankfully we got lucky and had some beautiful weather, allowing for some of those classic summer moments that I would have been severely depressed to have missed out on here in Michigan:

- Strawberry picking at Shartner's Farm We left with three flats full and I sunburned the tops of my thighs. Weird.
- An afternoon at Sand Hill Cove I mean, Roger Wheeler State Beach, or whatever you want to call it. Nothing beats a breezy, sunny day in the sand, reading a good book, smelling the ocean, and watching the sailboats. Yes we do have beaches here, no they are not the same.
- Clam Cakes and Chowder Period.
- Bonfire nights Eric has earned his honorary Boy Scout badge for mastering the correct structure for a killer bonfire. (Actually it was my idea, but shhh!) Fun times with good friends and good beer (especially you Katie, who may be the only person who actually reads this!)
- Family parties Charlie turned 1 year old on Father's Day, so the
obligatory massive family get together, full of beer, water, and frosting, ensued. What's cuter than a baby's first taste of cake smeared all over his chunky bod?

And of course we had to throw in a few other things, like lunch at Richard's Pub of all places (thank you Lynds!), going to Iggy's, and scouting a site for our reception. Which we finally settled on, so save July 5, 2008 on your calendars! And even though Blissful Meadows sounds like a home for retired veterans, it's not!