Saturday, September 29, 2007

Red Sox Clinch!

Last night was insane. Winning the Division for the first time since 1995 was worth staying up way too late to watch the Orioles creep up behind the Yankees! I just wish I had been in Boston! Sorry Ralph, Stephen, Aimee, and Chris for your loss. Wah.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Wedding Planning Procrastination...

So, I'm supposed to be planning a wedding reception. Those of you who have done this before know how much time and effort can be involved. Take one look at a bridal magazine and you'll get so overwhelmed you'll be ready to book the next flight to Vegas. I mean really, look at the hair on that girl, even if she is wearing a sweet dress! Add to this the fact that Eric and I are attempting to do our reception in the least expensive, most DIY manner possible, and you have a to-do list a mile long. Therefore, you can't blame me for letting things slip a tiny bit. I'm justifying my lax approach to wedding planning this month because:

- I have a giant, color coded binder full of ideas for everything from cake to invites. Thank you OCD.
- The reception location is booked.
- The DJ is booked.
- Makeup girl is booked. Thank you Lynds!
- UPDATE 11/3: Photographer is booked!
- UPDATE 11/4: My gocco press arrived, so invites are coming soon!
- I don't have a final dress design yet.

The last thing on this list holds up everything else I need to do, because I can't pick colors until I have a dress design. And I can't do anything until I have colors. Since my mother and I are designing the dress and she will be making it from scratch, we really need to get on this. Suzy says that as long as she can start cutting in January, we're all good. So she's enabling my procrastination at this point, but don't tell her that!

Now, I am a list maker, so here's what is left to do as of now (I'm sure this list will change often!):

- Dress
- Decide on ceremony details
- Decide on ceremony music
- Finalize the menu
- Finalize the guest list
- Decide about a videographer
- Make Invitations, Place cards and Thank You cards
- Flowers for me, my matron of honor, mother, and grandmother
- Boutonnieres for Eric, best man, and the three dads
- Gifts for parents, matron of honor, and best man
- Favors
- Centerpieces
- Cake

Holy crap. That's a long list. Especially when you add in the fact that I am considering felting all of the flowers myself, making the cake with my mom, handmaking gifts, centerpieces, and favors, and designing and creating invites from scratch. Anyone who wants to offer advice or assistance, feel free! Any tips from experienced wedding planners is very welcome!