Monday, July 09, 2007

More Tigers

or What to do in Detroit Part 2

Go see a Red Sox game! That is, if they are playing the Tigers at Comerica Park. It was girls day out with Kay, Aimee, and Sky and we scorched. While this series was one of the most embarrassing I have seen in a long time (one that led a coworker to follow me at work with a broom today), the game was still worth every minute. If we have to get swept by any team, it had better be the Tigers!

Comerica Park is ginormous, and if you are like me and used to Fenway, it's even a bit overwhelming. They have a carousel and ferris wheel inside the park. And you can actually get tickets for ten bucks. Try that in Boston! While the hotdogs are not our my favorite Fenway Franks, they are pretty darn good anyway, especially with a yard-long daiquiri. Mix your flavors, and you get a psychedelic cocktail with a straw so long you don't even need to pick your drink up off the ground. Hells yeah.

On your way to the game, stop at Cheli's for a beer. Cheli's Chili Bar, owned by Red Wings player Chris Chelios, has three floors including a rooftop bar, and a killer view of the stadium. Fun stuff, cheap Long Islands, and nice people, even if you wear your Sox gear. Which you had better do! Red Sox nation was out in force yesterday. I sported my jersey even in 99 degree heat, just to show the love. And I only had to give a hard time to one guy, who was probably trying to flirt more than heckle, since he was young and a bit drunk. I just told him, "Usually, I'd tell you to kiss my ass, but I don't bend over for Tigers fans." Pbbblllt! The ladies found that pretty funny, even if they themselves are Tigers people. Actually, Aimee is really a Yankees fan, but I like her anyhow. At the end of the day, we posed for photos with giant stone tigers, ate takeout in Aimee's backyard, and I was passed out by 8:30. You know that means it was a good day.

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