Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Blogiversary!

No, I'm not picking my nose here.

So Holy Crap. I was scanning through some old posts and realized that it was three years ago this week that I started this blog. Three years ago today I was sitting at a desk in a tiny flat in Friedrichshafen, Germany, jet-lagged, hungry, and spazzing the f out. I can't believe how quickly it all went by, and how distant that person seems from the person I am now. Reading through some of my old posts, I realize now how fun and exciting my life sounded. I was a sarcastic little bugger (what else is new?) but man, was I doing cool shit! My blog has transitioned from a travel heavy fun-for-all to a much more creative outlet, but at least I'm not entirely static. I may party a little less hardy and keep a little closer to home, but at least now I can enjoy my reality TV in English.
Aaaaanyway, I've decided to celebrate my little anniversary with a giveaway in order to thank the three of you who have actually read this ramble-fest. You know those little letters I like to paint? Well, I'd like to make you some! Here are the details:

The prize: A set of letters (up to six) fully painted and embellished by moi.
What to do with them? Choose the name of a child, an inspirational word or phrase, whatever! Hang them up, stare at them, be happy.

How to win:

1. Leave me a comment describing what name, word, or phrase you'd like. I will contact you for color and theme details later. Remember that you can only use up to six letters.
2. Tell me a little story about why you want the letters you chose; I like stories. Maybe you want the word "Free" to remind you of how you ditched some grimy boyfriend and then found yourself. Maybe you want your daughter's name encrusted in glitter because she's a diva. Anything goes! If you need some idea of what I've made in the past, feel free to peruse this flickr set.
3. Don't forget to leave me an email address to contact you if you win!

I will choose a winner based on who has the best story or letter choice, so go to town! The giveaway will end on October 1st and is only open to residents of the continental US. Sorry, but I'm cheap and don't want to deal with ridonculus overseas shipping :) Have fun and good luck to everyone who enters!


Jessica Gardner said...

1. LOVE (I know - crazy unoriginal)
2. We are getting married and sloooowly decorating our place to look like a home (I am not a good decorator - will you come visit me and help? We literally have nothing on the walls of our bedroom.) I love the word love because it can be shown in so many different ways. I would probably put it under a collage of pictures I made from our engagement photos...or maybe in our bedroom...see, this is my problem, I can't decide!
3. you know my email. :)

Jessica Gardner said...

HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY BY THE WAY!!!!! I love your blog.

Joanna said...

Thanks, Jessica! I will certainly make you LOVE letters, but I am hoping someone wants FLUSH or FART or even REDRUM. Something with real oomph, you know? haha!

jen said...

Jessica deserves to win. That's my comment! He, he! She embodies the "love" in the world. Awwww - so cheesy. No really, she does.

sheribobbins said...

Hey Jo-Jo ...
I would choose the word "memory". My memory is my most prized possession and I am terrified of ever losing it. After all ... what's life without cherished memories??


CraffingOutLoud said...

My stupid, scattered brain can't imagine a word that I would want artsy-lettered, so I guess I will not be entering the giveaway contest. BUT! I wanted to say hello and show my awe and respect at your craftiness. I clicked on the link to your painter's palette and the awesomeness almost knocked me off of my chair!

Congratulations, too, on your blogiversary - what an accomplishment! I just started one in August, and it has already become something that's really important to me, like another member of the family.

Sarah said...

I'd love "PECOOR". My 2-year-old is named Cooper, but calls himself Pecoor. We're not sure why (he can say Cooper), but he's done it for months & seems to like it. I know he won't say it forever, but I like that he's original & creative. I like to think it's just his way of expressing himself & being his own person. I'd like to keep the name Pecoor in his room to remind me, my husband, & him to be original & creative throughout our lives.

:: miss m :: said...

If I could pick a word, I'd want one that's seven letters - cheating a little, I know. I'd pick "Phoenix." Not only is it my favorite mythological creature as well as my Craftster screen name, and crafty business name ("PhoenixFireDesigns") but...I just love the symbolism of the phoenix story. The whole concept of the ever-turning wheel; that nothing ever truly ends, merely changes. Life moves through these circles and cycles and all things grow, evolve, die and are reborn as something new. It fascinates me. It also encourages me when I'm down or when I feel like I'm failing or not succeeding or stagnant. Rise up from the ashes, rediscover and reinvent myself, my skill, my art and star fresh and new. So I'd want that; that reminder and powerful motivator to always move forward and always celebrate the possibility and chance of tomorrow. :)

Happy Blogiversary. (Oh and in case my blogger id doesn't give it to you, I can be reached at phoenixfire (at) among many others.)

Claire said...

Happy Blogiversary!!

After much thought I decided on:


two words, technically, but something you wouldn't normally see on your mantel. I say that (in my little white girl voice) at least once a day followed by a (little white girl) finger snap and head cock.

WINNER! (oh that could be a good one too...)

Happy Crafting, Ms. Joanna!

Toni D. said...

Hello Joanna:
Love your blog! Happy Blogiversary
I would pick the word Tomato. I know that sounds funny, but I am writing a cookbook and a lot of tomatoes are being used. I love tomatoes, I eat them every day. I would like to put this word in my kitchen to drive creation to my recipes. I think it would be cute! I have the perfect place for it.
Toni D.

:: miss m :: said...

So who wins? *anxious* :)