Friday, March 18, 2011

An Update and A Sneak Peek

I have not done a shop update in a long while, partly because (oh yeah!) I'm lazy, but also because I haven't had a chance to list anything new and exciting in a few weeks! I've been busy finishing up a custom order for my friend Shannon's September wedding. I love love doing wedding invitations; making mine were what got me started down this Etsy path in the beginning. I was so excited when I found out that Shannon was getting married and that I got to make her invitations for her. She's a girl after my own heart, wanting something eco friendly and stylish with personal flair. Together we created these Tree of Love invitations complete with initials and printed on plantable paper. As in paper you can stick in a pot of soil and water and it will bloom into a bunch of flowers! How cool is that? 

I've also been spending my spare time doing anything under the sun to initiate labor, even though I know Baby Bean will only arrive when he is good and ready (and he isn't technically due for a week). I've been told that anything from eating pineapple and spicy foods, to lots of sex, walking, and pedicures can do the trick. The only thing I will absolutely not be doing is drinking castor oil, no matter what anyone says. Blech! But hey, if you have any other ideas, toss 'em my way, would ya? 

I also squeezed in a little crafting time since we are all finished with the rest of our baby prep. I used some of the leftover fabric from Bean's bedding to make this bitty bunting to hang on the shelf above his changing table. Cute, huh? Takes all of 15 minutes, and I won't even bother you with a tutorial since there are probably tons floating around the blogosphere. I can't wait for my mom to arrive with the bedding she made so that we can finish his nursery and show everyone! 

Also the Handmade Gift Guide's weekly voter is now open! Drop by and choose your favorite featured item of the week; all it takes it a click! The winner gets to be a featured shop on the Guide and gets ad space for the next week. Every little bit helps when you are a newbie! I'm #86. :)


Celeste said...

Do you know about Raspberry leaf tea? It doesn't always bring on labour, although you aren't allowed to drink it in the early months. However it's supposed to make it quicker and easier when labour arrives. It tastes foul unfortunately. I tried adding fruit cordial which helped, then I discovered they do it in tablet form too.

Nipple stimulation is also supposed to work :)

Celeste said...

Oh and good luck!
I brought my labour on by falling off my computer chair doing my back in and rupturing my waters. I didn't realise, just thought my pelvic floor muscle had given up :/
2 days later the contractions started.

I don't recommend that method though!

Heidi said...

I love the invitations! Such a cool idea to use the plantable paper for a wedding... it seems to somehow make sense!

Rachel W K said...

The wedding invites are very pretty! And best of luck with that last week you have. What an exciting time!


Roz from 'la bella vita' said...

These are so pretty; love the color! Can I come over and pick raspberries when they are ready? LOL! I'll make the French toast recipe for you!!!!!

Roz from 'la bella vita' said...

Oops, Joanna, I thought you had a raspberry patch and it was someone else! But I still think the cards are darling and I still will share my raspberry French Toast with you! Sorry for being so air-headed!

Kay said...

Hi Jojo- I see you have a Sophie Giraffe- B absolutely LOVES his, I am so glad you have one! I have to admit I was totally questioning the expensive squeeky dog toy but it is totally worth it! Can't wait to meet the little dude!!!