Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Oh hooray! It's here! The day that is the most equally loved and loathed holiday of the year! Well, whichever category you happen to fall into, you can't deny the ridiculously over-zealous holiday spirit that explodes across the internet over Valentine's Day. I recently discovered the vigor with which elementary school moms also debate the pros and cons of this day, thanks to my little town's Facebook page. The fury that candy isn't allowed in class was so hot I was laughing at each post (oh, and the turn the conversation took. Allergies, diabetes, obesity, oh my!). Then came  claims that kids were home crying because Valentine's Day parties would be postponed due to school closings. The horror! Might I share with you why or schools have closed two days this week? Take a gander:

That's our deck, people. I couldn't get out there if I tried. Roads are a disaster, schools and businesses are closed, and children across the county are wailing with sobs that their 4th grade party is postponed. Sigh. It's seriously time to get a grip people. 

While I love Valentine's Day (another excuse to snuggle my family, make treats, and send cards? It's right up my alley.), I certainly don't love the pushy, in-your-face bullshit of it. So, we'll be celebrating sans bullshit over here. We had a nice family breakfast (after E spent two hours digging our cars out) with heart shaped toads in a hole, fruit, and bacon. Jude hung out with a buddy this morning decorating cookies, and then we made mango ice cream for later. E doesn't really do chocolate, so we are having mango ice cream sandwiched between soft baked ginger sugar cookies tonight. They are DOPE, so I'll post that recipe tomorrow! Dinner will be Ina's Beef Bourguinon with garlic mashed potatoes. Simple, hearty winter food that's a bit special sine I never make it. We don't usually do gifts, but I did buy Jude a little something because I couldn't resist. 

Could you? I mean really. If you haven't seen the shop Her Bunnies Three and you have a little one, please do go over and visit! Her dolls are so adorable and she held a flash sale over the weekend. I scored a little blonde Mini Sweetie for Jude, which will be here any day. It will be his belated valentine, so he'll just get lots of extra kisses in the meantime.

So, how do you celebrate this so-called Hallmark holiday? Dinner out and roses? Scorn and Morrisey on repeat? Either way, I'd love to hear! I'm always gathering up ideas for next year!

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