Friday, December 11, 2015

12 Days of Christmas: Take 2 - Button Trees!

Last winter my 12 Days of Christmas posts featured a new local Etsy shop or crafter. This year's 12 Days of Christmas features are kid focused, because duh. I spend every waking hour of my life with my own kids and/or someone else's, so there ya go. We have already been baking and decorating and crafting up a storm since the day we came home from our Thanksgiving long weekend, so I figured it is time to share some holiday cheer! All of the 12 posts will be quick and easy crafts, recipes, or books that have gone over well with my own kiddos or the 4 Little Bean's who come for care.

Day 1 is all about Button Trees! These are a great quick craft for littles of various ages. You don't need much and they also make cute gifts for teachers, babysitters and grandparents.

You need:
green and tan or orange popsicle sticks
glitter (optional for some, but not us!)
string or an ornament hook

Arrange green sticks in a triangle and affix each corner with a dot or glue. Cut additional sticks to size for branches and attach with more glue. Cut tan/orange sticks in half to act as a trunk and affix with glue. Let this base dry before adding buttons! When it is dry, add button ornaments with more glue dots. I added the glitter with a spray of Alene's Spray Adhesive, but you can just use your regular glue for that! Once the glue is fully dry, it is ready to hang or gift!

Have a fun holiday craft to share? Link up in the comments!

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