Thursday, March 08, 2007

I've been there!

I made this little map today in between making shit, stuffing my face, and applying for jobs. The red areas are all of the places I have visited. Funny how I've done more traveling than most people I know, yet there is still all that white area to see. Man we RIers are sheltered people!

Anywho, I'm hoping things get a wee bit exciting around here, as I scored 2 jobs today. Not what I was looking to do, but it's only three months and I don't have a MI teaching certificate, so my options ar severely limited. I'll be tutoring little musical geniouses at a private music school a few days a week. I am postive this experience will be fun, since they'll all scoff at me for being unable to carry a tune. Meanwhile, all you math nerds will be thrilled that I am also going to work at a place called Pi. Yes, back to the old bar scene. At least I can wear the same thing every day and get people intoxicated by mid afternoon. What's more fun than that?

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