Tuesday, May 01, 2007

It's May Day

When I was little and still in Girl Scouts, we used to weave paper baskets and fill them with flowers to hang on people's front doors for May Day. Then we'd ring the bell and run away. Does anyone still do that? Or is that where the flaming bag of crap idea came from?

Anywho... I've been stationary for a while now, but it's not so much better than when I was running constantly. That's because now Eric is running constantly. I could back track and go on about his last few trips, but instead I'll just tell you that he was home for only 10 of the 30 days of April. That makes for lots of working for me so I don't go nuts. I worked 12 shifts in 8 days. For some reason my feet are black on the bottoms. Weird. Right now Eric is in Mexico, then he'll be flying all over the States, and he won't be back for two weeks. Luckily I get to see him this weekend, as he has to stop for a few days in Cleveland. That's right, I said Cleveland. Ohio. Hoo-fucking-ray!

Now not to offend any of you who may be natives of Ohio, but it's just not on the top of my list of "1000 Awesome Places to See Before I Die." Ok, it's not on the list at all. The only thing I can think of when I think of Cleveland is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Mimi from the Drew Carey show, and... Well actually, that's it. That's my East Coast ignorance talking. Luckily, an old friend lives in the area, and may be able to entertain us by feeding us many beers and tequila for Cinco de Mayo. Not that he's Mexican or anything. He's actually Puerto Rican, but in this country I think that makes him Mexican on May 5th. It's like how everyone becomes Irish for St. Patty's Day.

I will leave you with some educational tidbits, as I now feel guilty for trashing Cleveland. While writing this and simultaneously searching the web, I have discovered that Cleveland is home to some pretty interesting attractions. Like:

The Indians
, number one in the Central States, who knew? You can see them at Jacobs Field, where they serve hotdogs, beer, and SUSHI.
The West Side Market, one of the largest international farmer's markets around, started in 1912.
The Great Lakes Brewing Company, Cleveland's largest local brewery, with ten beers on tap. I have a feeling I'll be a big fan of the Holy Moses White Ale. Nothing like a stab at the bible thumpers to brighten my day:)
And although I doubt you'll find him at home, Paul Newman is from Cleveland. So was Thomas Edison, LeBron James, Eliot Ness, Dorothy Dandridge, and Dr. Henry Schwan - Father of the Decorated Christmas Tree.

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