Sunday, August 05, 2007

Pantry Raid!

<--"Say No to Cracks!"

Why is it that every time I plan on going to the pool, it starts raining? I have the whole day off, and it has been gray and wet since I woke up this morning. I decided to try and be really productive, unlike my last day off.

First goal: Cook everything in the pantry and fridge before I move out in two weeks, without buying more stuff. Not as easy as it sounds. But I'm getting there! First I made a huge frittata, taking a chunk out of the produce in my fridge. Then I baked a batch of Big Bear Brownies. Usually, I bake everything from scratch, but never brownies. They never come out as gooey as the boxed kind for some reason! My mom got me hooked on Kodiak mixes back in March, when she bought a case of it and handed it out at her birthday party. The pancake mix is killer, and the brownie mix is so good you would never know it's whole wheat. Finally I emptied a whole shelf of the freezer and made Shrimp and Green Pea "Risotto". It was delicious, and I love not feeling guilty about eating carbs! Carbs are yummy, and I love them. Now I'm stuffed.

Second goal: Start packing. This one is definitely hard. Which is a bit nuts, since all I really brought out here is clothing and craft stuff. However, to pack it all now means I need to plan out my outfits for the next two weeks and not make anything at all until I get back to Rhode Island. I decided neither thing is possible. So I spent my packing time organizing. I sorted through all of my supplies, set aside anything I think I may not use soon, and made special folders and labels for the rest. If you know what a pack rat I am, you know how hard it is for me to acknowledge that I may not need that stack of old take out menus, the bottle caps from Germany, or a bunch of Chinese fortunes. But I am letting them go. Deep breath. If the garbage man could see inside my trash, he'd think I am nuts.

Starting tomorrow I am working three double shifts in a row, so everything else is just going to have to wait...

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