Monday, September 24, 2012

Where I've been...

...holed up in the basement 'craft room' of our new house, getting ready for this:

My very first craft show! The Ridgewood Fall Arts and Craft Street Fair. Yes, it takes a couple of months to stock up enough inventory when you have a toddler and a new house. I still can't believe I pulled it off. E helped with the early AM set up (including pom fluffing, which he is crazy good at. Definitely a secret talent.) and my mom helped man the booth for most of the afternoon and broke it all down with me. We borrowed the tent and tables from my awesome friend Jenn, and the day amazingly went off without a hitch. 

Here are some shots of the booth inside:

  Cupcake poms, gift tags, chalkboard labels, and plantable seed paper cards.

Custom invitation samples, Halloween goodies, and screenprinted cards (personalized on the spot, which was the day's best seller!) 

 Holiday cards and The Basket of Misfit Cards. 
All of my test prints and misprints were on sale, two for a dollar. People love cheap:)

And here is the banner, which I painted and my lovely mother sewed up for me. Now how do I make this my new shop banner? Because I think I need an update.

I designed a ton of new cards for this fair, and I have quite a bit left over. Keep your eye on the shop, because I will have many new items posted by the end of the week! I'm also going to do a coupon code for those of you who have stuck around and read this blog for so long, so pop over to Facebook for that, too!


Anonymous said...

You should stock up your inventory so you can do The Newport Folk Festival next summer. I'll even help man the booth!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Josie! Everything looks beautiful! Love the banner!
Love, Jenny C