Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Happy Halloween!

I think it's fair to say I'm a bit batty for Halloween. See all previous Halloween obsessed posts for evidence! Like my refusal to throw out extra candy, and the lengths I'll go to dress up my husband.

Between the costumes, the spooky decorating, and the baking of sticky treats, it is just one more reason to throw a party and that's right up my alley, folks. I'll throw a party any chance I get. Our 3rd Annual Halloween Boobie Group Bash (working title:)) was more fun than the last, thanks to a seriously improved effort in the costume area, and some deliciously wicked treats.

I started our hoo-rah by decking out the back yard, complete with a haunted playhouse, a wicked witch under our shed, and a hanging giant ghost. Inside was pretty standard, bats, pumpkins, ravens and the like, but I got a bit of inspiration in the bathroom. I figure if every other space gets decor, why leave out the room every guest is guaranteed to visit? I got a little crafty with some games and a craft project for the kiddos, including a "Feed Jack" ball game, and a Monster Making Station. In the end though, all they did was play in the sand and run. And run, and run some more.

Oh, and there was ample eatin' and drinkin' to be had, obviously, including Poison Apple Cupcakes, Death by Chocolate brownies, and lots of Sam Adams Oktoberfest. We had to keep a bit of the German spirit flowing! but I'm going to do a recipe post separately. No need to overload you too much! And on that note, I will slightly overload you with some photo-rific highlights. Because why not...
Bugs in the soap, mummified TP, and mirror disguises!
This one is Silhouette Studio Design ID #28579 cut into black vinyl.
I used haybales for kiddie chairs and covered the tables in kraft paper and Halloween coloring pages.
A brown grocery bag tucked into the strings on each bale kept the kids' tushies from getting too dirty.

A new bag of sand and a bunch of plastic spiders and snakes went into the sand box,
which is where Jude played literally all day long. 

R is a bit confused about the witch. She keeps looking for the rest of her.
You're supposed to roll balls into his mouth, but Jude is racing cars through instead now!

I'll get back at ya' with the recipes for the sweets, some printable templates and a little crafty DIY! 
What are your plans for Halloween?

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! You guys look fantastic! I am getting better about Halloween the older Jack gets. Your party looks so fun!