Thursday, December 19, 2013

The 12 Shops of Christmas #9: Dymant Designs

  • I'm so glad to introduce you all to Pam of Dymant Designs, the lovely lady who gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get involved in our local farmer's market this summer. We first met at the Etsy Craft Party in June, and she has been a great source of inspiration in all things crafty biz related since then. Pam makes beautiful sewn items, housewares, and gifts, and you can probably find something in her shop for every person on your list. From pillows and baby bibs to personalized cutting boards and pie plates, she's got you covered. 
  • My favorite gift? This set of engraved wooden utensils and cutting board, perfect for any family, but especially for anyone newly married. For Xmas, I'd pair it with his and hers holiday aprons and a copy of The Newlywed Kitchen, because I'm cheesy like that.

  • Please tell us a little about you and your products: My name is Pamella Clark, I am a wife, printer, photographer, designer, craft maker, and the owner of Dymant Designs. I find serenity from the hustle and bustle of the day by rolling up my sleeves to make something unique.
  • When my husband, a US Marine, left for Afghanistan in 2011, I decided to teach myself to sew to help pass the time. When I told my grandmother what I was doing she laughed and said I am just like my grandfather, always needing to tinker and stay busy. My sewing studio is his old workshop, working there makes me think about all the time I spent with him while he too was tinkering and staying busy. Dymant Designs is named after my late grandfather, Sam Dymant, his strong morals are stitched into everything we do.
  • Our products are fun and functional. We sew whimsical owls that are hot and cold packs, pay homage to yester-year with hanging kitchen towels, adorned with vintage buttons, memorialize childhood memories with custom pillows printed with old scans of postcards, and take ordinary kitchenwares and transform them into custom pieces of usable art. We don’t have a finite product line. We love creating custom products that is special for each recipient to love.
  • How would you describe the mission/purpose of your business? Dymant Designs is a lifestyle company. Our mission is to take ordinary useful objects and make them unique without loosing functionality. We help you live in an more organized harmonious state, and share that serenity with others. Pick out a gift that is custom engraved to make the recipient feel special, drop off a pie with a hanging towel to make the host feel loved, bring over an owlie for your cousin who is accident prone all little tokens that show you care.
  • How did you get started as a creative business owner?
    When I learned how to sew, it wasn’t my intent to start a business. But as time has gone on, the plan and direction just laid itself out in front of me. It is amazing being a small business owner, and having the ability to spend time being a maker. I love every second of designing creations for lasering, or chugging along behind a sewing machine. However, every second is also the biggest challenge. Time is ever fleeting.
  • What is the best gift in your shop? Who is it for? I would say that in my shop right now, my favorite gifts are for friends and hostesses. We make these beautifully custom engraved / monogrammed wooden utensils and cutting boards. They make a great gift set for almost anyone. (Pair them with Lees Bees Honey for an extra sweet touch)
  • For kids and stocking stuffers, you cannot go wrong with an Owie the Owl! They are just so darn cute!
  • SHOPSofCHRISTMAS lands you a spiffy 10% discount on any of our handmade items.
  • You can find and follow Pam on Facebook here:

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