Sunday, May 16, 2010

Paper Love

Wondering where the food is? I know, but I swear, I'm not all about stuffing my face. Ok, I am all about stuffing my face, but my liberal arts education taught me to be well-rounded, so I do have other tricks up my sleeve. In addition to my food addiction, I have other problems. Paper, for example. Lots and lots of paper, and ink, too. I stockpile it. I drool over new sale items at Paper Source, and spend way too much time mooning over stamps and ink pads at craft stores. Luckily I can put some of those issues to good use. You've already seen some of the fruits of this labor, but here are my favorites:

For our wedding:

All of these were printed with my beloved Gocco printing press,
a tool I finagled into the wedding budget. I'm crafty like that, yo. 
I had help from badass Bonnie for the design work on this set, but the others I did myself.

For my friend Kay's bridal shower:
 *sorry for the amateurish deletes, but I don't want any
 internet pervs calling my friends!

For my friend Jessica's bridal shower:

Both of these were accompanied by gift registry cards I attached with 
little heart clips. Jessica's envelopes were also filled with red, pink, 
and silver glitter, which is a bit obnoxious,  but totally worked
for the glam shower theme! I bet guests found glitter for weeks after :)

For my sister in law's baby shower:

These are the most recent, and probably my favorites! I didn't use my Gocco since I had to make a small number of invitations. I felt like that was almost cheating so I was afraid I went a little overboard with the embellishments. In the end I thought they were adorable, though!

Next on my plate will be the invitations for D-money's graduation party. She's graduating from 8th grade, but she has attended the same school for all eight years so it's a very big deal! Once she settles on a theme I can get started. I'm nudging her towards a Mexican party theme, so I can do some with Mexican
doily images like these! So, do you know anyone who is getting married, having a baby or a birthday?
Let me know and I'll whip up some invites for ya! 

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